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Cultivate Balance, Beauty & Comfort

Does your garden reflect and express who you are? Does it invite you in to use the space comfortably and to cultivate your personal culture? Do you feel in harmony with your surroundings? Does your landscape graciously welcome visitors to your front door? Does it delight, calm, and inspire you? 

As an aesthetic pruner and horticulturist, I clarify the essence of focal point trees, shrubs, and vines while considering how they fit into the composition of your entire garden. When your plantings are shaped to fit the space and complement your home's architecture, your experience of being in your garden is completely transformed.

The root of the word "garden" refers to an enclosed space. This is your world, your nest—where you have the opportunity to create an ecosystem that recharges you. 

Engaging long-term vision, I am committed to evolving your garden to create harmony and maximize your pleasure in the space.


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Maximize the Beauty and Harmony in Your Garden


  • Focal Point Trees Up to 15' Tall
  • Japanese Maple & Pine
  • Flowering & Fruiting Tree, Shrub & Vine

serving ashland & Portland, oregon

t: 541-841-8364 



Praise for Jule

Everything looks lovely, Jule. Thank you so much for caring for my plants. No one else has such an aesthetic eye and skilled hand to keep a garden—even a small one—looking its best and providing a welcoming refuge for the soul.
Jule is a wonder in the garden. When all I see is brush Jule manages to step back and see the beauty and form in even the humblest shrub and bring it forward for everyone to enjoy. She is confident and caring. Jule’s work inspires us and allows us to love the garden even more.
— Kathy | Petaluma, CA
Jule has been working at my property for more than 10 years. Her vision and execution of aesthetic pruning is unsurpassed. She is also very knowledgeable about all horticultural needs. Jule has redesigned two garden beds: from irrigation to final planting. I highly recommend Jule for pruning as well as garden design.
— Pamela Wicks, DDS | Los Altos Hills, CA
Jule has aesthetically pruned six large ornamental shrubs in my garden for over ten years. They are easily the most well-proportioned and beautiful shrubs I have. She is thoroughly professional, giving close estimates, explaining her vision for each shrub, and consulting with me when alternatives arise in the details. Watching her work, I sense the same serious focus that sculptors bring to their materials.
— Jeff Winslow | Composer/Engineer | Portland, OR

My Promise

I am Committed to Good Design and communication

I engage you in conversation about what is and isn't working for you with your trees and shrubs. I draw out, educate and inspire you. I stretch your concept of how the green shelter surrounding your home can give you comfort, pleasure, connection, and inspiration. 

Aesthetic pruning adds depth to a garden. I work to bring out the beauty and individual character of a tree by thinning to create interesting lines and pleasing proportion. Health and structural integrity are increased, while shaping a tree to fit the space and complement your garden architecture.

Left to their own devices, most shrubs and trees tend to grow into unattractive dense masses of green foliage. As an aesthetic pruner, I reveal the hidden gem of beautiful branch structure, softened and nourished by healthy foliage- giving you a deeper experience of being in your garden. Allowing more light to shine through your shrubs and trees into your home promotes balanced growth and lightens your spirit.

I enjoy finding creative solutions to what seems an impossible, pointless tangle, an overgrown mass,  a hopelessly mal-pruned tree, or a dysfunctional conglomeration of shrubs. My background in landscape design and fine gardening informs how I see an individual plant's potential and its role in the overall design of your garden space. Pruning with an aesthetic focus resolves many garden design issues.


About me

I am a certified aesthetic pruner and arborist, as well as a horticulturist, with over 30 years experience designing, maintaining, and pruning residential gardens in Portland and Ashland, Oregon. I am also a field educator, teaching pruning workshops and private lessons for landscape companies and home gardeners. 

To rejuvenate myself, I stretch, hike, and eat well daily, soak in hot springs, cool off in rivers, kayak, dance, and laugh whenever possible!

Licenses and Certifications:

  • BS Horticulture
  • Certified Aesthetic Pruner #043
  • Certified Arborist #PN-0632
  • Landscape Contractor #834351


  • Focal Point Trees Up to 15' Tall
  • Japanese Maple & Pine
  • Flowering & Fruiting Tree, Shrub & Vine


T: 541-841-8364 


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