Welcome to Jule Silverwood Aesthetic Pruning!

I'm new here in blogtopia, so I thought I'd say hello.

I am a horticulturist, certified aesthetic pruner and arborist with over 30 years experience designing, maintaining and pruning residential gardens from Portland to San Francisco. When I'm not renovating, healing and bringing out the beauty in gardens, I can be found teaching pruning workshops and private lessons for home gardeners and landscape design companies. To complement my work, I hike daily, do yoga and find water whenever possible.

Let's say you've been with your garden a while and some things work, some things don't. You might have a focal point tree that's too dense and uninteresting, or perhaps a few blobs that could be stars in your garden. You know your garden no longer reflects who you are and doesn't invite you in, but you're just not sure how to resolve your design issues.

I help people like you fall in love with their gardens. My deep understanding of plant architecture allows me to heal and release a tree or shrub from neglect or abusive hacking. And my horticultural experience assures that the pruning work contributes holistically to the flow and layers of your landscape.

Nice to meet you!

Take a look my gallery of before-and-after shots HERE.